Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Writer Beware: EC vs DA lawsuit update 9/2/2015

(Ellora's Cave versus Dear Author lawsuit update 9/2/2015)

You reeeeeaaallly want the popcorn for this one.

For starters, one of my previous blog posts, a compilation of reports about the EC vs DA lawsuit, was listed as exhibit 52 by DA's lawyer (who, IMO, is a First Amendment ROCKSTAR!). Am I amused? Greatly, because irony much for various reasons. The biggest of which is that, forever, "Write Your Ass Off" will forever be part of a federal case-filing. LOL

Okay, if you're behind on the news, Deirdre Saoirse Moen has done a kick-ass job (along with Courtney Milan) of parsing out the goings on and WTFery.

Deirdre, however, should get ALLL the cookies for having done a huge compile of documents and the filings...


A very long and telling read is EC's deposition of Jane, where EC's lawyer (imo) makes himself to look like a raging douche, and Jane's' lawyer basically makes him look like an idiot.

Pages 44-46 are highly amusing. Randazza is Jane's attorney, and Mastrantonio is the attorney for Ellora's Cave.

"...and Jade will lose her mind on you."


Um, would that be an admission by EC's own attorney that his client might "lose her mind" over something?

Would this be referring to the same person who for a time used a picture of herself flipping the bird as a social media profile picture? Said person who made claims that any reasonable person would perceive meant she was the head of Ellora's Cave?

We don't know for sure, but that's interesting, isn't it?

Unfortunately, there were also some chilling moments, like when Mastrantonio asked for information like the name of Jane's child (who is TEN FARKING YEARS OLD) and about her dog.

I'm sorry, but that's outside the scope of the lawsuit and is in no way germane.


Frankly, I hope people read this deposition and see the kind of depths that EC is willing to stoop to. But the biggest moment came when Randazza informed Mastrantonio that they're going to be auditing Ellora's Cave's books.



Don't forget to follow the #notchilled hashtag on Twitter, if you use Twitter.

I'm glad that it looks like people who've been saying things for years are finally close to being vindicated. I'm sad (and fucking pissed off) that people had to get jerked around, however. I was approached twice by an EC editor, and I'm SOOOOO glad I said thanks, but no thanks, to the offers at the time. I dodged a MASSIVE bullet, it looks like. (Can you imagine someone with a big mouth like me not calling bullshit when I saw it and raising a stink? HA!)

Stay tuned... 


  1. Well now you join the number of people with absolutely no connection to Ellora's Cave or Jamine-Jade Enterprises that have entered the permanent court record of a Federal Court Case. I got there when they subpeonaed Twitter for @pubnt's identity. Welcome, we have cookies....and lots of tequila.

    1. Whoo hoo cookies and tequila! LOL

      I can't wait for Randazza to audit EC's books and blow this open. All they need is to compare statements EC authors have received to EC's records, and then to third-party statements, to see if there's a match. And EC can't claim "lost files" on third-party sales, because I know for a fact you can go pull old reports from KDP, B&N, Kobo, etc. although I also suspect even with a court order Randazza will have a fight on his hands. Once the books are open, it's all over for EC.

    2. Which is why I suspect EC will break all speed records trying to settle.

  2. I should have made it absolutely clear in my previous comment that I am definitely NOT @pubnt. Just another unfortunate soul that got sucked it the quagmire of trying to coax pNut back to reality and got threatened for my efforts. My Twitter account showed up in the exhibits for DA's opposition to pNut's batshit insane Motion to Quash. A Motion that the judge sternly rebuked will indicating that the body of the Motion provided ample grounds for denying pNut's request and affirming that pNut and his or her identity and the knowledge they possessed and further evidence of its culpability was unnecessary. This like the never ending well of amusement.