What is this place?

Just what I need, right? One more blog? Heh. This one is different. I wanted a blog just for writing-related issues. I'm always asked for advice by newbie writers, and believe me, I do not mind in the least. But I've always thought hmm, maybe I should write more of this stuff down so I have one place to put it.

This is that place. I'll be copying over older blog posts I've made on writing, as well as adding new ones on a regular basis. I'm also working on a series of writing how-to books for romance/erotica writers. Let's face it, the average writing book doesn't really address more *ahem* sensitive topics. If you're looking for a specific topic, I've labeled the posts based on subject. Or you can use the "Search this Blog" feature.

So keep an eye out for things to come (haha) and don't forget to hit the Join This Site button, or use the subscribe by email feature. Feel free to leave ideas for future articles in the comments.