Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday Compendium of Crumbles From teh Interwebz

Yeah, yeah, I know. Bad blogger, no cookie, it's been a while since I posted here. I've been too busy writing to write about writing lately, plus a massively bad fibro flare over the winter that left me barely able to complete my must-do things on the Massive Whiteboard From Hell (MWFH) that make my publisher happy so they put money in my bank account, and which I promptly use to buy food and pay my mortgage and keep the electric company happy.


Adulting is hard work, yo.

So here are a few writing nuggets from here and thar to whet yer writing whistle.

Chuck Wendig is that profanely profound penmonkey of the Terribleminds blog, and I heart him so hard I would totally tie him up in my basement (if we had basements in this part of Florida) and feed him tequila and Krispy Kremes until I soaked every last bit of writing wisdom out of him. If you aren't subscribed to his blog, you should go bang your head against the nearest wall, hard, and then go subscribe to his blog.

Chuck also has some kick-ass writing books you should own. As in go clicky-click. Right-the-fark-now, clicky-click.

Kristen Lamb is another brilliant purveyor of writing wisdom. But since she does kick-ass Brazilian jujitsu ninja stuff, I would start with trying to bribe her with gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cookies. (Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform...?) No, but I'd love to sit and pick her brain for...ever. Again, if you haven't subscribed to her blog yet, WTH? Go, do it, now. And it's not just writing advice she dispenses. She has some mental jujitsu crap going on, where she peels back your skull, looks inside, and writes about THAT, about real life. (Well, it feels like she's doing that to me, anyway.) She shows it's not all about perfection and daisies, and I don't know about y'all, but I NEED to hear that other people are going through real-life problems, too, because then I don't feel alone.

AND, she has an AMAZEBALLS book you MUST read if you're a writer.

Here are a few other writing posts for you to peruse today.


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